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Technological innovation is poised to revolutionise both the oil palm and renewable energy industries with its clean energy solution. Our patent pending three-part innovation in the palm oil extraction process both shields the erratic steam flows and reduces energy consumption significantly. This allows the full potential of the biomass renewable energy at the mill to be harnessed by means of steady-state efficient energy generation. Reducing demand on electricity and heat for palm oil extraction processes frees up renewable energy from the palm oil mill providing access to both surplus electricity and biomass fuels for use elsewhere.

Combining technological innovation with scalable business model results in the production of stable dispatchable renewable energy from the palm oil mills. Deploying this technology and providing off-the-shelf power generation plant equipment, each palm oil mill of 60 t/h capacity is capable of exporting 5 MW of clean electricity to the grid and 36,000 tonnes a year of clean biomass fuel. This approach will open the door to new investment opportunities in the renewable energy market and offers a scalable solution that can help achieve energy independence.

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